Friday, January 6, 2012

Writting 3

.. On 2.July.1995 in some of Inian cities, took a train crash which led to injuries. After months of accident was due to an old railway. On this day the reporters take some pictures. One of those pictures is this which we saw it. Its about the one that was travilling in the train which fell.

.. Jack was travilling to another region that is from thier region for the work. But, what happened that the train passenger heard the whistle of warning which fear them. In this time some of passenger tried to throw themselves from the train but they all fall except Jack was the luckiest.

.. But what happened that another train came from the other side which left Jack thinks "will he die from the train or from fall", this thinking was ended by a hight whistle but not a train whistle it was a whistle of his alarm that waked him from this nightmare.

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  1. aaah :P , nice one , didnt know that it was a dream, good one alreem ^_^.