Thursday, December 29, 2011

This is a nice videos:

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

writing assignment 3 >> The Railway

The Railway

“In the train, there were only five people. An old man and he is blind, Young child and he is around ten years old, a happy couple and they look like they get married recently, and the last person was myself.” Said Mike.
“Thank god for saving your life”. Said Doctor. I found it’s difficult to move and talk. I looked around the room and suddenly I took a deep breath and said: “did the train come over on me !”. “ Mike tells as what happened there please”. Said by the police man.
“As I said, we were five people. I did not know what happened for the railway; one part was missing!!” Mike answered.
Everyone was afraid to die then the captain suggested on us to jump from the window. It was the worst idea for everyone because there were an old man who cannot jump and the young boy. After that, I thought that one person died better than everyone. Quickly, I jumped and completed the missing part.” That was every things I remembered” Said Mike.
Everyone in the room laughed!!
“No dear, you fall down and your legs broke” Said doctor.” You were shorter than the railway so you fall down. You should drink Big M milk to grow and build your bones. =pP
By the way, the train had stopped and everyone is fine. Thanks again for god to give you another chance to live.

It is Big M milk advertisement =.='

writing assignment 3 : The mysterious tree!

Once upon a time there was a beautiful tree, and a very huge one that no person can climb. However, the legend says that if a man reached the top of this tree and toke a fruit for his lover, then both of them will live a happy life together. But the strange thing is that this legend didn’t work on our too young lovers, the story of their love started when they met in the kindergarten and become best friends.

In the first day, both were told to set together. They hated each other so much that even the teacher could not do anything about it, but both were very good students. Their friendship began when both were forced to do a school project, its when they began to understand each other. Our lovers were friends until the last day in high school, in that very day the young man toke the person that he loves to that mysterious tree. He climbed the tree then toke a fruit and gave it to his girl, in that special moment she knew that he was in love with her, and of course she told him that she loved him even more.

Finally, when both were ready to get marry, they told their parents about it. Both of their parents were really happy, but a surprising thing happened when they met in the hotel for the dinner. when the girl and her family walked through the door the girl was walking fast towards the boy and his family because she was excited, and the boy did the same thing too. But both of the parents stopped them and went back home as fast as they could, our poor lovers didn’t understand a single thing.

In the house, the two parents told the lovers that they are banned from seeing each other. The two young people didn’t understand the hatred between the two families, but this didn’t stop them from seeing each other. Unfortunately, the girl’s father sow them together and as a result of that he decided to move to other country. They packed their bags and toke the train, the poor girl was a heart broken. When the guy reached the station he realized that he missed the train, he was a heart broken. So he asked an old man where the train was heading, the old man was horrified. The young man was worried so he asked what is wrong, the old man said that the train that left a few minutes ago is moving on a broken railway, and they can’t do a single thing about it, because the brake was broken.

Without hesitation the young man through himself on the railway, because he can’t stand the idea that his lover was going to die.

After the train was saved, the big surprise was that the guy wasn’t harmed there wasn’t even a scratch on him O_O. The girl’s father was very grateful for what he did, so he changed his mind about the young man and fixed everything between him and the boy’s family. After few day they got married and lived happily ever after, so it seems that the fruit from that tree did work after all :D .

hope you liked it girls :D .

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Study4UAE assignment 2

Hi everyone

After thinking of my favorite topic, I decide to talk about my favorite web site. Its Study 4 UAE. Study 4 UAE is an educational web site, especially for students whose need a help in a home works, projects, reports and answers. I was an observer in this web site.

Why do you love it?
There I meet many teachers and students, it was my second house. There I prefer to use such as these words, my big sister and my brother. Really they were my family. As you can see, I used the past tense because I went away and I don’t know anything about my friends there. I retired!!!

How did you discover it?
Before four years ago, I was searching for the answer’s book. I wrote it in Google search, then I found this educational web site.

How does it make you feel?
It makes me feel good and happy. I was working in the administration, so I feel responsible for everything I do it. In the beginning, I was afraid to change the comments or even the member’s topics. It is not easy to expel the members or to communicate with them. Here, I have to be patient and polite in the same time.

Did you have a special experience with it?
Yes I have a special experience with Study 4 UAE. Actually, I was close with all the administration members. I was Observer for two years.

Finally, Study4UAE gave me a chance to be a responsible person. I helped many students and I’m happy for that. I feel happy when the members comment on my topics or when they send a request to be one of my friends.

Check your spelling and grammar mistakes

Hi everone =D

This is amazing web site <3 It's SpellCheckPlus

SpellCheckPlus is a grammar checker that finds common

spelling errors and grammatical mistakes in English.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kalifa Tower

Hi every one today I have an amazing photo I hope you like it.

                                                      From The Top Of Kalifa Tower

Fountain of blood

this Fountain  is in Bochrest, this Fountain  was built to show the suffering of the Romanians people because of a disease that makes them bleed under the skin or the muscles 
And the Fountain  was built like that to give some help for those people. the amount of those people was 2000 person , and they also have a big celebration for that day 

The palace of French Shamboore

Hi every one, it's the biggest caselss  of La Loire. It was built by under the lead of Franso the First they started building at 1519 and ended in 1547 

Hope you enjoy 

sleep box @@

did you hear about a box in the air port that you can sleep in it !!!!
These boxes is in Dubai for people who missed their planes or it's late for some problems.

Enjoy =)

A village without streets

hi every one, i read about a village in Netherlands without any streets in it

Hope you like it =)

Flower Farms in Netherlands

Hope you like it

ProShow Gold > perfect programme to make a movie


I found this programme for you Afeya

It's ProShow Glod

To download it you can click here but it just for 15 days =S
So I search again for a lesson for this amazing programme and I found this link ..

They explain every thing about the programme.. Click here

=) sorry sir .. It is Arabic site
But here is a to explain how can we edit the video by ProShow Gold.. ^^ Click here

The effects waaaw more than 200 *.*

Good luck

writing assignment 2

My favorite Japanese anime “detective conan “ or “case closed”. It is about a high school detective shinichi codo who was shrunk into a child by a strong drug given to him by force, by a very dangerous gang named“Black organization”.

The story started when he was celebrating with his childhood friend ran mouri in the “tropical land”, because she got the first position in the karate tournament. And finally, when they were going back home shinichi saw two guys exchanging something, he felt that something was strange, that he had to check. And so, he went towards them and told ran to go back home alone. But in that very moment ran felt that he was not going to come back, it is when she screamed : SHINICHI !

Unfortunately, when shinichi went to discover what was going on, a strange guy struck him from behind and gave him an antidote. However, this remains secret between six people : firstly professor agasa, who is shinishi’s neighbor and the one who suggested to hide his identity. Secondly Heiji hattori, also known as “Great Detective of the West” and he is shinichi’s best friend. Thirdly, kid the phantom thief. Next, his parents. Finally Ai haibara, Former Black Organization member codename "Sherry", real name "Shiho Miyano", she invented APTX 4869. In addintion, it was the same poison that shrunk shinichi. furthermore, her sister was killed by the black organization, so she took the pill and shrunk herself and got out of there. She now lives with professor agasa.

As a result of what happened to shinichi, he changed his name into conan edogawa and moved to rans house. For her father “ kogoro mouri “ is a private detective, hoping that it might help him on finding those criminals.

I have known this cartoon since I was a child and I still watch it today. I love it because it teaches me how to be patient and caring. It also, gives me hope, actives my mind and makes me laugh.