Tuesday, December 20, 2011

photo Story 3

Hi everyone
I would like to share you a nice programme which is Photo Story 3..
It's like movie maker but Photo Story 3 is easier than Movie Maker.. =D

This is the picture of the programme

How can you make your own story:
1. Click on begin a new story.

2. Add pictures as much as you wont.
3. You can add text or effects on your pictures.
4. Creat your music or you can select on of the music there.
5. Save it. =)

See how easy is this programme..

Click here or here if you wont to download it

=) Girls! It's a good idea to introduce your self by a nice story

** Ready for any questions about it ^^


wish all the best for all of you


  1. It's a nice idea i loved it.

    Thanks a lot amna :)

  2. Your wlecome Ghada =) & happy to see your comment dear <3

  3. excuse me amoon , do you know a program that can make a movie , but is not movie maker. because i want to insert videos from the camera , but it wont let me T_T , please help .

  4. mmmm .. Afya you can add a video from the camera to the movie maker

    what is the problem to use it ?!?!?

    will search for another programmes .. but you can't put any videos into Photo story 3

  5. Afeya I found what you are searching for !!!

    give 24 hour or may be at night.. mmm That's to make sure about the programme and try it not just giving you a names..


  6. i should try it some time, thx AmoOn

  7. wonderful idea Amna . .

    Thanks a lot for shearing . .