Tuesday, December 20, 2011

writing assignment 2

My favorite Japanese anime “detective conan “ or “case closed”. It is about a high school detective shinichi codo who was shrunk into a child by a strong drug given to him by force, by a very dangerous gang named“Black organization”.

The story started when he was celebrating with his childhood friend ran mouri in the “tropical land”, because she got the first position in the karate tournament. And finally, when they were going back home shinichi saw two guys exchanging something, he felt that something was strange, that he had to check. And so, he went towards them and told ran to go back home alone. But in that very moment ran felt that he was not going to come back, it is when she screamed : SHINICHI !

Unfortunately, when shinichi went to discover what was going on, a strange guy struck him from behind and gave him an antidote. However, this remains secret between six people : firstly professor agasa, who is shinishi’s neighbor and the one who suggested to hide his identity. Secondly Heiji hattori, also known as “Great Detective of the West” and he is shinichi’s best friend. Thirdly, kid the phantom thief. Next, his parents. Finally Ai haibara, Former Black Organization member codename "Sherry", real name "Shiho Miyano", she invented APTX 4869. In addintion, it was the same poison that shrunk shinichi. furthermore, her sister was killed by the black organization, so she took the pill and shrunk herself and got out of there. She now lives with professor agasa.

As a result of what happened to shinichi, he changed his name into conan edogawa and moved to rans house. For her father “ kogoro mouri “ is a private detective, hoping that it might help him on finding those criminals.

I have known this cartoon since I was a child and I still watch it today. I love it because it teaches me how to be patient and caring. It also, gives me hope, actives my mind and makes me laugh.


  1. Ooh Afeya
    i LOVED it too
    Great choose'n sweety

  2. ^^ Good job Afeya

    For me .. I just wont to know what will happen in the last episode hhhhhh =.='

    I'm still thinking about my assignment ><'..

  3. I
    It is my favorite cartoon also, It is interesting
    thank you Afeya ^__^

  4. OMG I love this cartoon alot specially Conan, good job Afeya, I liked it

  5. My Favorite Cartoon . .

    it's the best

    thanks a lot . .

  6. i am really happy to know that i am not the only one who loves it :D , thank you for commenting girls ^_^ .

  7. I love to this cartoon :)

    Thanks afiya it's good choice.