Saturday, January 28, 2012

From me to all of you ^_^

hope you liked it, i made it after i ate orange with my little sister :P.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why Leaves Change Color

in the Fall?!

The primary thing that triggers the changing of colors in leaves is the length of day.  However, moisture and temperature play a role as well.  For instance, an extreme drought in the summer can delay somewhat the changing of the colors in fall.  Why this is the case is not wholly understood, but it is possibly from the tree not being able to make as much food to store up for the winter, in the case of the drought, so it might be trying to push the envelope a little in terms of making food for a couple more weeks before needing to shed the leaves.

Temperature also plays a part in the ultimate vividness of the color.  However, as far as the timing goes, seems to play a very small role given that trees of the same species at very high elevations, where it is colder, will have their leaves change color at nearly the exact same time as those of the same species at lower elevations on the same latitude line.

I think it's an adorable season...^

Saturday, January 21, 2012

the story of dog ( H.W )

There was a men who had a dog. The dog was moving too much and very noisy. One day , the men had a baby. The dog was jealous from the baby and after that it was making a lots of  movement  in the house . when the baby slept the dog raining  in the house and making a lots of noisy . The mother was very angry and she told to her husband to solve the problem with this dog ,then the man was thinking what to do for this dog ,then he decade to    buy  bed to imprison the dog when the playing  in the floor .This bad is helping too much. In the end, the dog behavior in improving.

* writing assignment *

There was a family that have seven kids . all of them are good except one child.
His name is hamad . he’s eight years old. He’s always make problems , hitting and biting other kids. His parents used to punish him every week ,they used to took his toys and video games to discipline him . but he won’t be a good kid so his father decided to make something that scared him. so he invented a Electric bed to Threatened him if he does something wrong . one day Hamad started to annoyed everyone in the living room and his father was really upset , so he said if u didn’t stop your noise I’ll throw you in this bed and make you A piece of coal . Hamad got scared when he saw that scary bed he started crying and he swear that he’ll never do a bad things again . The electric bed was a useful way to teach Hamad how to act with other people so this way made Him act like a good boy without yelling and screaming on others. Hamad learned a lesson in his childhood , but now when he reminds his self he start laughing about the stupid things that he did it in the past.

Writing Assignment 2: My Favorite Things (singer

Today I’ll talk about my favorite singer and her songs,
I really like Rihanna because I feel her songs went straight to my heart.
She knows how to sing and how to choose her words .I like her also because when she sings she meant every word with all her feelings.

Date of Birth
Birth Name
Robyn Rihanna Fenty 

Caribbean Queen 
The Barbados Babe

5' 8" (1.73 m) 

Mini Biography
Rihanna was born in a parish in Barbados called St. Michael. She lived the life of a normal island girl going to Combermere, a top sixth form school. Rihanna won numerous beauty pageants and performed Mariah Carey "Hero" in a school talent show. Her life changed forever when one of her friends introduced her to Evan Rodgers, a producer from New York who was in Barbados for a vacation with his wife, who is a native. Rodgers arranged for her to go to New York to meet Jay-Z, CEO of Def Jam Records. He heard her sing and knew she was going to be incredibly successful. She was 16 when she was signed to Def Jam. Since then, she's amassed phenomenal success.


Babies Remember Music Heard In the Womb for Up to a Year

Babies are able to remember melodies they hear while inside the womb for up to a year. Recent research at the University of Leicester demonstrated that babies showed a significant preference for melodies played for them frequently during the last few months they were in the womb.  Preferences for a familiar melody were shown by babies in a variety of ways including: looking towards the source of the music and by the soothing effects of these pieces of music on the babies, such as their heart rates slowing down significantly upon hearing the tune and the baby calming externally.  These same effects were not typically observed when songs were played that the baby had not heard in the womb.

While many people would believe that classical music would be the best choice to play for the growing fetus, in general, babies don’t seem to show any preference for music style.  Further, the myth that playing classical music, such as Mozart, will increase your baby’s intelligence has been thoroughly debunked.  So there is no general reason to pick one style of music over another.

Not surprisingly, the sound of their mother’s voice has been shown to have the same soothing effect on babies as does music played for them while in the womb for similar reasons. Interestingly though, even while still in the womb, the voice of the mother has been shown to calm the baby.  In addition to this, as soon as thirty two weeks after conception babies have been observed, via ultrasound, to react to their mother’s laughing by “bouncing”.


There Once was a Man Hit on the Head By A Falling Baby, Twice!

According to Time Magazine (Miscellany, Oct. 17, 1938), the year of the first event was 1937. Joseph Figlock, a local street sweeper in Detroit, Michigan, was walking down the road when a baby fell from a 4th story window. The baby struck him on the head and shoulders. The tackling toddler was thankfully not killed. However, he and Mr. Figlock were both injured.
The following year, another mother of the year candidate, allowed her 2 year old son David Thomas, to fall from a window. Joseph, doing his job sweeping out an alley, was again struck by the tumbling tyke. Remarkably, once again neither the ankle-bitter nor the newborn nabber were killed.
Joseph must be some catch, both figuratively and literally. Not only can he ensnare small children like a German Shepard at a Frisbee throwing competition, but women seem to toss their offspring at him like rice at a wedding! One thing is for sure, if you lived in Detroit in the 1930s and you threw your baby out with the bathwater, Mr. Joseph Figlock was going to be there to save the day!