Saturday, January 21, 2012

Writing Assignment 2: My Favorite Things (singer

Today I’ll talk about my favorite singer and her songs,
I really like Rihanna because I feel her songs went straight to my heart.
She knows how to sing and how to choose her words .I like her also because when she sings she meant every word with all her feelings.

Date of Birth
Birth Name
Robyn Rihanna Fenty 

Caribbean Queen 
The Barbados Babe

5' 8" (1.73 m) 

Mini Biography
Rihanna was born in a parish in Barbados called St. Michael. She lived the life of a normal island girl going to Combermere, a top sixth form school. Rihanna won numerous beauty pageants and performed Mariah Carey "Hero" in a school talent show. Her life changed forever when one of her friends introduced her to Evan Rodgers, a producer from New York who was in Barbados for a vacation with his wife, who is a native. Rodgers arranged for her to go to New York to meet Jay-Z, CEO of Def Jam Records. He heard her sing and knew she was going to be incredibly successful. She was 16 when she was signed to Def Jam. Since then, she's amassed phenomenal success.


  1. she looks a bit diferent in this pic! , but she looks cute :D with that smile of hers .

  2. thanks for commenting Afyaa :)