Sunday, January 8, 2012


The Fantastic Car

        Once upon a time, there was an African family. They went to a trip inside their country. However, they have a small kid his name is Michel. He was so hungry ,so he suggested them to go hunting to have their lunch. Furthermore, they have a very old car since eleven years they still use it. As we know, Africa is one of the countries that suffers from poverty. Whereas, they are good at recycling. The father started driving the car, while Michel kept crying because he want to drive. Father said: I agree, be responsible and drive the car slowly. When they were on their way, one of the wheels have been damage. Consequently, the car continued moving zigzag until they crashed their car with a tree. As a result, the front of the car crashed, so they thought for a solution that could help them to go back home. There were a cattle in the street walking with their sponsor. Michel proposed them to ask for the cattle which could support the rest of the car. Finally, it works. They reach their home alive.  

Hope u enjoy it ^^

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  1. i loved it :D, it is a very nice story mashallah :).keep up the good work abrar ^_^.