Monday, January 9, 2012

Writing Assignment 2:

My Favorite Actor 

I will talk about my favorite American film actor and producer who are definitely effective. I think everyone know him. He is Tom Cruise. 1981, was his first appearance in a major film in Taps movie. Furthermore, in August 1983, was his first leading role in the film Risky Business. Whereas, he acquired to Golden Globe Award several times. In addition, the things that attract me is his personality, powerful, performance, popularity and prettiness. I’m sure that most of audience are attracted to Tom Cruise films because of the way that he acts and his loveliness. However, He is brave, courage and he act honestly. I don’t remember exactly when I discovered him, whilst, I heard many people talking about him and praise him, but I didn’t know him until I saw War Of The Worlds film. It’s the first movie which I like it most that was displayed on June 2005. It’s an adventure movie directed by Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg. Last vacation, I saw a movie of Tom Cruise it called Mission Impossible. It’s a terrific, fabulous and magnificent movie which I haven’t seen a similar movie for Tom Cruise before ever. Absolutely, I enjoy his movies, therefore, I prefer to watch his films. 

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  1. yeah, you are right :), but i didnt know that he was a directer :D, cool ^_^. Thank you for sharing.