Saturday, January 21, 2012

MY story ^^

     There was a man . His name is Jack . He met a girl then they Loved each other. She told her father about him . Her father didn’t  accept jack .He told his daughter to leave Jack because But she refused What he side . In one day the father decided that go away his daughter  from Jack so he Decided to move to another city. He Reserve in the train seats. The day will move to another city came and they left the city .  When Jack  known about them ,He went to see her but the train had gone . When he back , he sow group of men wear glasses and black clothes .He her that there a problem in the way of the train . He hurry up to help and save his love . He arrived before the train and sow hole in the road . He think how to save the train then he decided to Sacrifice and put himself in the hole  until  the train walk in peace . However, the train come quickly and  walked above him. In the End he died . the father is sad about what he did and regrets to his daughter.

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