Saturday, January 7, 2012

One day there was a beautiful town with a kind people. The weather was nice the children play everywhere. There was a man his name was Tom. He has 4 girls and 4 boys they are a happy family. One day the weather became cold and the clouds came together then its start to rain. In the first everyone was happy and went outside to play under the rain but later the rain became stronger and stronger everyone went inside the houses. Tom and his family sit next to the fire and they were afraid . After a few hours the rain come inside the house from the roof. Tom and his family try to get out the rain and plugging the holes but they can’t , the house start drawing, Tom and his family start to collect everything that they can collect it and they left the house ,but the problem was when they but the stuff in the car it became crowded. Tom’s daughters and 3 from his sons ride but the last one he can’t ,because the car was full. Tom start thinking where he will but his son the street was full of water ,then he bring rope and a tall pillow and he let his son ride on it , then he start drive but he was very scared if something hit his son. Suddenly he wake up and he realize that he was dreaming.

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  1. nice story heba:) i loved it :).thank you for sharing ^_^ .