Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Favourite....

I know so many people, I have chose so many friends, but there is one who is the nearest to my heart. My best friend is a very special person to me ! " Muna " is my favourite friend ever. She is not just a friend she is my special sister.

The first time when I saw her we were at the first year at the high school. At the first year we were mean just college to each other. But with the second year and with a lot of events which we had it togther we were much able to be closer. Anyways our friendship old is around 5 years, which we had learn many of life's lessons together.

A long the way I have also learn how lucky I am to have her as my sister not just my friend. Muna is the sweetest and kindest friend who I had ever know.


  1. Nice topic Alreem

    Wish you be her friend for 100000000 years.. =D

    It is something nice to find who understand and feel you ..

    For me, I do not believe that friends be for ever.. There were two of my best friends and I trust them but finally I shocked from them

    Be careful when you choice your friend especially in this time .. That is all what I can say ..=)

  2. i am really happy for you alreem, and i also agree with amoon ^_^ .

  3. Nice topic Alreem I liked it, ya Amoon I agree with you that's right no one stays for ever =)

  4. Thaaanks Girls for your comments

    5wftooooni =p.. =S

  5. It is good to have good friend because this days it is hard to find a true good friend.

    I hope that you stay friends forever.