Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Real Truth about McDonalds..

I always wondered why this food seemed to fill me up faster also stay in my system longer than other food....


  1. OMG I'm surprised it's disgusting.
    i don't like this restaurant but sometimes i forced to eat from this if did not find second option.

    thank you Alreem

  2. Anytime Ghada..

    am really happy to see your comments in my posts :*

  3. ><' nooooooo!

    I like Mac =(

    I don't wont to watch it =(

    For every restaurant there should me a video!!!

    =( sorry AlReem ..=S

  4. Oh My God this is soooooo unbelievable, i really need to tell my family, thank you alreem :).

  5. I just read the comments so I won't see it because it seems very disgusting ><"

    But thanks any way some people likes to know the true about these restaurant

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  7. I don't want to watch the video becuase I am addicted to MAC :'(

    AS they said, most of the fastfood resturant have the same way in cooking :s

  8. EEEW,, disgusting...

    Any way, i don't like much eating fast foods, however, i prefer to eat home foods:D