Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Writing assignment 3

My business

I still remember my lovely blue Toyota pick-up when it was brand new and how I struggled with the show room owner that time to get it imported from Japan as all vehicles of the same model have run out very fast and had to wait for next year to own one. I decided to buy this vehicle for my business although I had another old one inherited from my father, but it was old model Ford 1979. My nature of business requires the vehicle to pick sheeps from our large farm to the village market every day and get back the rest who has not been sold out to the farm again at the end of the day.

In addition, I was using my old vehicles to supply the food (graces and seeds) for my sheeps and for many other farms. When my business grown up in 1993, my old Ford vehicle was not sufficient for my business and I decided therefore to buy the Toyota Pick-up to help me taking care best of my business increase.

Unfortunately the civil war broke out in Rwanda, and the fights between “Hutu” our tripe and “Tutsi” the other main trip. During these aggressive bloody civil battles, I lost my business and my both vehicles. Nothing remained except the rear half. The civil war ended in mid-1994 and left large number of victims behind it.  Now I have to start from zero, no money to get new car, but luckily, there were still some sheeps in our farms that I could hardly start my business with again, they really helped me a lot as they are also doing the job of my car engine. Since that time, it became normal practice to see animals pulling rear part of destroyed vehicles, it is not amazing thing in Africa anymore. 


  1. Nice idea for the story Afra Alzaabi:) I liked the way writing.

  2. Thanks Ghada I really appreciate =)

  3. ooh dear, what a sad story :(, i loved the idea though. It seems like you are the one is talking =).thank you for this nice idea afra ^_^ .

  4. Hhhhhhhhh thanks Afeya for your comment =)