Monday, January 2, 2012

Writing assignment 3

The need is a mother of invention.

There is a small village and there is a poor family. There is a man known to this village because he has cows and he transferred purposes from one place to another. Fernando has two son, and three daughters. His eldest son studying his name Del Monte. Fernando works hard to earn money for her family and his son because he wants to learn to become successful in the life and help his family to live well. One day come to Fernando customer asked him to borrow the cows, marveled Fernando to the request of this men and Fernando asked him why? He said he has a big land and he wants to plow this land. That day was rainy, but Fernando was forced to consent because the person was offered a large sum to him. Awakened his son to Helps him. When they were walking Del Monte noted there is a car and it very old, but he did not care about it. After that they arrived at the place, they take some rest after a long tiring.
Early in the morning the father and his son started to the work. A month later Fernando and his son returned to the village after they completed the work. One week later Fernando suddenly fell they brought a doctor for him, and they discovered he sick inflammation of the lung, they did not have enough money to treat him. Two months later Fernando died. Del Monte left the school to help his mother and his sibling. Risk in mind Del Montel idea to do small vehicle to transfer people to any place. Del remembered that he saw old car when he wants with her father to another village, and he wants to that place to bring the car. After that, he cuts the half of the car to make the last part of the car small vehicle, and the idea of Del Monte successful. Del helps his family and support here sibling.


  1. Good job Gadha!

    It is nice story to read.The main idea is The need is a mother of invention =)

    Thank you ^^

  2. Thanks Ammon this what i was looking for it :)

  3. Thanks Afra Alzaabi :) im happy to read my story.

  4. i loved the story dhada, it was also very touching and i liked your idea. keep up the good work :D .

  5. Thak you Afeya i'm really happy to read my story.