Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Writing assignment 2 " cupcakes"

" cupcakes"

Every person have something special they like to do it , my favorite thing is making cupcakes and decorated. I like to make cupcakes in my free time, also my Favorite hobby is cooking. I have learned how to make cupcakes from many websites , and my friends. It’s very easy for me to make cupcakes. Firstly, I should mixture of the cupcakes, and then put in small cups. Secondly, I put the cups in the oven for 20 or 25 minute and the decrease should be 180, then the cakes will come up, I should close the oven. Thirdly, it’s my favorite part is to decorate the cupcakes, I should make a mixture of cream. I can make the cream in many colors, also I use special tools to decorate the cupcakes. I pay the tools and the color from Dubai mall there are a special market for cupcakes. I advice all girls to learn how to make cupcakes because it’s very easy and delouse.     

How to decorate the cupcakes?

My cupcakes ^_^ 


  1. It's amazing Alya Al Hammadi :) I liked the colors and shape of Cupcake. i will bring the tools and the color for Cupcake. Thanks Alya.

  2. it looks really yummy, please bring some for our class alya :D , i will be really happy to taste some of your cooking ^_^ .

  3. Inshallah I will bring cupcakes for the class^_^.