Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to Detect Lies

I read this article i liked a lot and i hope you like it . I think we need to this steep to know how to detect the people how are lying.

A- Have you ever had the experience of talking to someone and you think they are lying? Well, you are not alone. We’ve all had that feeling. But did you know that there are several things you can look for to see if you are being lied to?

B- Sometimes you can tell if a person is lying by observing what they do with their body. When people are lying they tend not to move their arms, hands or legs very far from their body. They don’t want to take up very much space because they don’t want to be noticed. Sometimes a person who is lying will not look you in the eyes. Other times people who lie try to look at you in a strong way because they want to convince you they are telling the truth. If someone does either of these two things they might by lying. Liars may also touch their face, ears or the back of their neck. Another thing a liar might do is turn their head away from you when talking. They also might put objects, such as glasses, books, or papers in front of themselves.

C- Liars also use deflection. This means they will not answer a question directly. For example, if you ask a liar the question “Did you steal Fatima’s bag?”, they may answer with something like “Fatima is my friend. Why would I do that?” In this situation the person is telling the truth, but they are also not answering the question. They are trying to deflect your attention. This can mean they are lying. Other things liars might do with language is to not use contractions. For instance, they will say “I did not do it”, instead of “I didn’t do it.” Liars may also give too many details. They may try to over-explain things. They do this because they want to convince you of what they are saying.

D- Often when a person is lying, they do not want to continue talking about their lie. They will be happy to change the subject. If you think someone is lying, quickly change the subject. If the person is lying, they will appear more comfortable because they are not talking about their lie any longer. A little later, changed the subject back to what you were talking about before. If the person seems uncomfortable again, they may be lying.

E- Just because a person is showing these behaviors, it does not mean they are lying. They might be shy or nervous. But, if you think someone is lying, you might want to use some of these techniques. Hopefully, you won’t need to very often.


  1. yeah i remeber this one, i read it before :P, its good they wrote this article. Because it is much easier now :P. thank you ghadah :D.

  2. Yeah Afeya it is easy. Thanks Afeya to read this.

  3. nice topic..

    some poeple shuld follow these steps.

  4. There are a lot of people can't stop lying.

    Thanks a lot i liked your topic.

  5. yeah Shamma i agree with u :)

    Maitha Omar really a lot of people they like to lying.

    Thanks girl :)