Saturday, January 21, 2012

* writing assignment *

There was a family that have seven kids . all of them are good except one child.
His name is hamad . he’s eight years old. He’s always make problems , hitting and biting other kids. His parents used to punish him every week ,they used to took his toys and video games to discipline him . but he won’t be a good kid so his father decided to make something that scared him. so he invented a Electric bed to Threatened him if he does something wrong . one day Hamad started to annoyed everyone in the living room and his father was really upset , so he said if u didn’t stop your noise I’ll throw you in this bed and make you A piece of coal . Hamad got scared when he saw that scary bed he started crying and he swear that he’ll never do a bad things again . The electric bed was a useful way to teach Hamad how to act with other people so this way made Him act like a good boy without yelling and screaming on others. Hamad learned a lesson in his childhood , but now when he reminds his self he start laughing about the stupid things that he did it in the past.

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