Saturday, January 7, 2012

Writing assignment 3 "The Nanny"

"Carmen & The Nanny "

There were a man called Jack and a woman called Emma they loved each other, and over time they got married. The couple decided to move and live in the quiet rural town. Jack was working in a furniture factory and Emma was working in a beauty shop. The couple lived happily for eight years without having any children it was a sad thing for all. Emma wanted to have a baby, but the couple did not get what they wanted.

One day Emma was not good she felt so sick her husband took her to the hospital. After she was diagnosed they told her that she is pregnant. Emma and Jack were very happy they couldn’t believe that they will have a baby. Nine months latter Emma gave birth to very beautiful baby girl. Emma suffered during childbirth a severe bleeding, which led her to death. Jack did not believe what happen he loved his wife very much and he wanted to live all his life with her raising their new baby. Jack decided to name the new baby girl Carmen because his wife loved that name. After three years he couldn’t raise Carmen by himself so he decided to put a baby sitter for his young daughter. But the nanny was mentally sick so one day when Jack was in work she was tired of Carmen crying so she took electrical wires and put them in Carmen’s bed.

Carmen was hungry she kept jumping in her bed until she exposed to electric shock and die. The nanny got scared and ran away. When the father arrived home he went to see his daughter he found her died. Jack got shocked and went to mental hospital.


  1. that just hurts maitha :P, nice stroy though ^_^. thank you for your hard work, keep up the good work.

  2. OMG a dramatic story @@, but it's really nice