Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait towers are three towers made out of reinforced concrete in Kuwait city.

Tower 1 : 187 m, two spheres, restaurant and water twore.
Tower 2 : 145 m, one sphere, water tower.

Tower 3 : 116 m, electrecity tower.


  1. ^^ I have been there!

    Really it is nice place. You can see the whole city.

    When you be inside the tower, the place moves slowly OHHHH, it makes me get a headache!

    - The restaurant is a small one.

    ^^ Any way, We go to Kuwait every summer. It is a nice place. If you go there you have to visit AL Kuwait towers =D

    =) Thank you ALReem <3

  2. wow nice , want to go there someday :D.thank you alreem :).

  3. Nice information & picture Alreem =)

  4. Kuwait is one of the best countries I like.

    & Enshallah I'll visit the counrty as soon as possible .. ^^