Sunday, January 8, 2012

Writing assignment 2 ( My favorite city)

Writing assignment 2 

     Everybody like to travel and visit his favorite place or city and start his adventure
there, I am one of them. I like discovering and visiting new places especially natural 
cities. My favorite city is Ottawa which located in Canada. At 2009 was my first
visit to Ottawa and I spend six weeks there studying, but I never lose my free time 
and I spend it to visit some of the beautiful places in Ottawa. I love this city because
of all people that I met there and all places where I went it was wonderful, it was
an amazing trip in my life and the best one. I Knew this city when I went to study 
English there, I discover many beautiful places that make me feel cool and comfortable.I did not feel bored and depressed because every day there I change the place that I am visiting. It was really nice and amazing experience that given me fun, learn and benefit and if it is possible to repeat this experience sure I will accept and I will be ready to make a new adventure with more benefit.    

                                           this is the hotel that we lived on it                                  

this is the school that we studied on it 


  1. nice :D , thank you for sharing ^_^.

  2. Cool! I used to live in Ottawa. I'm glad you enjoyed your time there. Did you go anyplace else while you were there?

  3. Nice place Abeer, I wish to go their some time.

    Keep it up =)