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This is real O_O !!

you can learn how to type faster in English , very simple listens even your kids can learn from it :D.try it and you wont regret , if you want to be the fastest in typing :) go HERE .

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some *RULES*

Remember these five simple rules to be happy:

1- Free your heart from hatred.

2- Free your mind from worries.

3- Live simply.

4- Give more.

5- Except less.

No one can go back and make a new start.Anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

God didn`t promise days without pain,lauther without sorrow, sun without rain,but God did promise strength for the day,comfort for the tears,and light for the way.

Disapointment are like road humps,they slow you down a bit but you enjoy the smooth road afterwards.Don`t stay on the humps too long.Move on!

When you feel down because you didn`t get what you want,just sit tight and be happy,because God is thinking or something better to give you.

When something happens to you,good or bad,consider what it means.There`s a purpose to life`s events,to teach you how to laugh more or not to cry too hard.

You can`t make someone love you,all you can do is be someone who can be loved,the rest is up to the person to realize your worth.

The measure of love is when you without measure.In life there are very rare chances that you`ll meet the person you love and loves you in return.So once you have it don`t ever let go,the chance might never come your way again.

It`s better to lose your pride to the one you love,than to lose the one you love because of pride.

We spend too much time looking for the right person to love or finding fault with those we already love, when instead we should be perfecting the love we give.

When you truly care for someone,you don`t lok for faults,you don`t look for answers,you don`t look for mistakes. Instead,you fight the mistakes,youaccept the faults, and you overlook the excuses.

Never abandon an old friend.You will never find one who can take his(or her) place.

Friendship is like wine,it gets better as it grows older.When you receive this,you know you are cherished.

Sleep well

Today l read about Sleep well and her some advice to get a good sleep...

Getting a good night's sleep is very important for your health. Not getting enough sleep makes you feel tired during the day and can have negative effects on your health.

One important thing in getting a good night's sleep is to make sure your bedroom is conducive to sleep. It is important to keep your bedroom dark. Research has shown that even a small amount of light in your bedroom can prevent a good night's sleep. Your bedroom should also be the right temperature.

Another important factor in getting a good night's sleep is staying on a sleep schedule. This means going to bed and waking up at the same time each day. This includes weekends and holidays.

People who exercise regularly often generally sleep better. This is because your body uses sleep to rest and recover. If there is nothing for your body to recover from, this can lead to a lower quality of sleep. The time you exercise is important. Morning and afternoon are the best. If you exercise too close to bedtime, you will make yourself more awake and then have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. It is best to refrain from exercise 3-4 hours before bed.

Eating a snack before bed can also help you sleep better. Tryptophan is a chemical that can help you sleep better. It is found in foods such as egg whites, cod (a type of fish), soybeans, pumpkin seeds, cheddar cheese, turkey, and wheat.

You should avoid nicotine and caffeine before bedtime. This means no smoking before bed. The drug nicotine, which is found in cigarettes, is a stimulant and it will keep you awake. You should also avoid caffeine. Caffeine is found in foods such as chocolate, tea, and coffee.

Sleeping well is essential for a happy and healthy life. Not sleeping well can negatively affect your energy levels and your health. So if you find yourself not getting a good night's sleep, follow some of this advice and you'll be sleeping well in no time.

I hope to benefit from this article .. :) and get a good sleep..

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Today, Austria is a parliamentary representative democracy comprising nine federal states. The capital and largest city, with a population exceeding 1.6 million, is Vienna.Austria is one of the richest countries in the world, with a nominal per capita GDP of 48,350$ (2011 est). The country has developed a high standard of living and in 2011 was ranked 19th in the world for its Human Development Index. Austria has been a member of the United Nation since 1955, joined the European Union in 1995, and is a founder of the OECD. Austria also signed the Schengen Agreement in 1995, and adopted the European currency, the Euro in 1999.

And here you can watch a video about Austria..

I hope you like it..


Very cute children...




Peter works so hard at reading, but it just never gets easier. He knows he's smart so why can't he read like the other kids? Peter has a problem called dyslexia.

Dyslexia is a learning problem some kids have. Dyslexia makes it tough to read and spell. The problem is inside the brain, but it doesn't mean the person is dumb. Plenty of smart and talented people struggle with dyslexia.
But dyslexia doesn't have to keep a kid down. With some help and a lot of hard work, a kid who has dyslexia can learn to read and spell.

How Does Reading Happen?

To understand dyslexia, it helps to understand reading. Reading is a real workout for your brain. You need to do the following steps — and all at once:

1-Understand the way speech sounds make up words.

2-Focus on printed marks (letters and words).

3-Connect speech sounds to letters.

4-Blend letter sounds smoothly into words.

5-Control eye movements across the page.

6-Build images and ideas.

7-Compare new ideas with what is already known.

8- Store the ideas in memery.


I want to show you some of pictures I liked , for beautiful town in Indonesia 


I hope that you like also 

The kid

Tom is 8 years old, his grades is the worst in the class. The school invited his parents and told them that their child has a problem and he has to leave  the school. His father screamed at Tom because of what happened. After that, the family accepted that he isn’t like others. They changed the school to a boarding school. There was a teacher there, he is specialist . He noticed that Tom doesn’t speak to anyone. Tom was sad and no body understood him and this feeling influenced him badly. In the beginning his family was communicating  with him  but with days goes by the  communicating  was being deficit .  The teacher talked with his parents, he toke the situation seriously .he sow a book belongs to Tom . It has a beautiful drawing . He decided that he is going to do a competition between the children in school. After a few days, he provided everyone paper and color. The teacher will reinforce the winner .the winner was Tom ,The teacher was the reason why Tom was developed and the talent of the child. He helped  him to pass everything, because he believed that child is a talented.   


This some photos I took it when I traveled to Malaysia :

I hope you like the picture..

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What is ADHD?

This video explained ADHD


Famous people with dyslexia

tom cruise

                                                                          Leonard Da Vinci.

Whoopi Goldberg.

thomas edison



Smile like a child..
Work like you need the money..
Dance like nobody watching..
Laugh like you don't care..
Sing like no one will hear you..
Pray like you will die tomorrow..
Love like you've never been hurt..

CAUSE we have only got ONE LIFE .. !
So live like there is no tomorrow .. !

ADHD & Dyslexia

Hello ,

I found these video about ADHD . .


and these video about Dyslexia and famous people who had Dyslexia . .


Thanks and I hope you like it . .

Learning disorders

Hi girls, this video about learning disorders, talks about people who suffering from disorders.

Funny video about a kid who have Dyslexia

Hi girls ..

This is a nice video taken from an indian movie (( Taare Zameen Par ))

Enjoy =)

Famous dyslexia

Hii girls..

Here you are a famous dyslexia with a famous people...


Alya "story "

Khaled and sign language

There were a couple Reem and Khalifa, have been married for one year and Reem pregnant, they were happy and waiting for the birth of the child, after several months, gave birth a child Khaled was beautiful and quite. With passage of days, they felt that Khaled variable and does not speak, they went to a specialist for children to know is suffering from what Khaled. The doctor told them that Khaled special needs, they was sad because their first child, and the doctor told them they should learn sign language and be serious because Khaled will not able to speak verbally, and there was a particular system to talk with sign language. After a long period of use they has become easily with Khaled and his parent. When Khaled became bigger he be an important person. Khaled’s parents were happy and proud of him and his accomplishments achieved by living in better life.



A believe that some objects or actions are lucky or unlucky , that they cause events to happen, based on old ideas of magic.

I think superstitions are similar all over the world.

If you would like to know about superstition her some common in the world.

Friday the 13th..

Is unlucky the origin of the link between bad luck and Friday the13th is murky.

Open an umbrella indoors..

Some people believe that if there is a sick person indoors opening an umbrella indoors will make them sicker.

Findinga Horseshoe..

If a horse's shoe was hung over the door of a house it was thought to attract good luck.

Breaking a Mirror..

Breaking a mirror will cause bad luck

Walking under a Ladder..

Walking under a ladder has long been regarded a bad luck you were guaranteeing your own death.

Bring good fortune in terms of money.

Some people think the superstitions may be just for fun, while others may affect you deeply enough to affect your choices in life.

My favorite mall in dubai 
. . here are some pictures of it

hope you like it :)

These pictures were taken when I was in the Netherlands

and these pictures were taken when I was in the Belgium

I hope you like it ^ـــــ^

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My Story....

In a small twon there was a young boy who's named Ali. Ali was a deaf boy, but his family loved him a lot, there where always dream for a good future for Ali. When Ali start to grow up, his parents saw that Ali has some deficit. They went to see a doctor, he diagnose it as autism. Ali's parents never accept this and they can't believe or even express thier feeling, they tryed to exchanged the doctor diagnose. But at last they start to be stronger to help them kid to acquire his level and live with good life.


there are four birds on the tree , a man shot one bird how many birds are lift on the tree ?

a) three birds lift .

b) no birds lift .

please comment :P .

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The story...

In the jungle, everyone have to accept their nature of living. Except one animal and it was a monkey, this monkey was a dreamy one. It used to think believably that he will become the king one day, but of course he couldn't do that by himself. He needed to develop the relation ship with other animals, so they can go and speak to the king which is the lion to exchange his place with the monkey. the king thought that it is a bad idea, for he was specialized in psychology, so he thought to diagnose him. By looking at his personality. After the test the king was surprised by his talent so the monkey become an important member of.

My story ..( the young boy )

My story about the young autistic boy 

There was a young boy walking in the garden alone. He did not speak and listen to any one there. Everybody was talking with him, and they were thought that he was deaf and he could not express anything, so he did not answer them. One of people who walk there talked to the boy by sign language and he understands the problem, then he kept talking to that boy. That person liked the young boy and he wanted to help him and to develop his signing language and reinforce him, so he tacked the boy to the Special needs Center to receive all the needs that the boy need. However, when they arrived there, they told to the man that this boy suffer from autism. In that time the man kept the young boy there, but he was visited him every week. 

My Story

In one of the winter nights Ahmed was sitting with his wife Hamda ,Hamda is deaf they was dealing with each other by sign language, also she can't speak, they always dream to have a beautiful and intelligent child, but after nine months Hamda bring a new baby (Ali) he was suffer from autism, first Ahmed don’t believe it "our dream became a nightmare" Ahmed said ,then the doctor said to him that he must accept that and be positive,Hamda was optimistic and she hoped that her son will develop, after years Ali entered to the special needs school and he was very successful in it , moreover he was made his parents feel proud of him.
My wonderful story:)

Once upon a time, there was a man called John. He was living alone. At the age of twenty four his family told him that he should married from one of his member in his family. Unfortunately, his family is so poor. However, he had a lovely story with one of his girlfriends her name is Jasika. He met her where they asked for an employment. They had a promise that they will get married after almost eight months. But his family didn't accept the idea either their emotions. Furthermore, he heard from his friends that marrying from the same family often be unpleasant. Sometimes it had an influences on the children later.It means that sometimes when the child born he could have several diseases. Moreover, he kept thinking during his wedding preparing days. One night, when he went to sleep, he had a nightmare. He saw that he has two kids, one boy and one girl. The boy is deaf,while the girl has autism. He wake up screaming and crying until he realized that it was a nightmare. He thanked god that it was not real. 4Th of November 2002, was their wedding ceremony. After two years they had their first baby. when he was five years old, they notice that their child has a high deficit of vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin B. Therefore, they took him to a specialist doctor to diagnose his condition. He told him that's why the child is suffering from interpretation. As a result, his brain has effected, so he doesn't interact as good as the other children. First, the parents didn't believe the doctor. As a consequence, they asked for blood test. Due to, they recognized that their child's condition was coming worse and worse. So, the doctor gave them two options if they want to take him to have a treatment abroad or to start to have a treatment in their rural village. They chose to treat him in their country because they can't acquire the specific amount of money to get their child treatment, even if they had a debt. The doctor advised them to start to have the treatment immediately. So, they agreed. After five months, the child's condition has improved and he has started to interact normally with his parents. 


A story written by me ,.

Once upon a time in Florence, there was a king who was controlling the whole town, he was
managing the trade exchange with others, and also he was leading the develop of the town.
The king have a beautiful daughter called Sofia. She was verse in the beauty, her face was a mixture of an indian shiny eyes and old italian beauty round face, she was really a beauty sign.
Sofia was a dream of most of europe princes, but she was always rejecting who want to marry her until rumors start in europe thats say that Sofia is infected with autism. In the castle there was a tamer called Giovanni who was member of people who serve the castle. Giovanni was a regular guy as any citizen in the town specialist in singing and eye contact, he can tell anyone what he want without he speak, because he was taciturn, most of the town thought that he's deaf but few of them knew that he isn't because they hear him when he stay alone in the livery while he's singing and they hear him surreptitiously. Giovanni was fond of Sofia, and he wish that he marry her, but he believe that his dream not and will not happen. Many people of soceity are suffering from this idea thats remain until now, a tamer in the castle can't marry the princess. One day Sofia was in a short trip with her friends in the forest near the river, the place was full of guards and that is nature of kings family when they go out. Giovanni was with them because he the only one who can control the carriage horses. Sofia was with her friends all the time and Giovanni was somewhere far from them taking care of horses. Suddenly he heard Sofia screaming, he noticed that she's in serious dangerous and she needs help. He rush to the sound direction and he saw a wild wolf with sharp claws and teeth. He figure that Sofia's friends plan was to kill her because they ran away from her and start laughing. Giovanni entered unfair battle with the wolf until he killed the wolf. He took Sofia back to the castle with a fully blood clothes from the battle. Sofia told her father the story and the king called Giovanni to award him. The king asks Giovanni what do you want as a reward. He start thinking to say that he want to marry Sofia, but he was afraid from changing his dream to a nightmare when the king reject his request.

I would like to leave the end of the story for you girls ^^
Do you think that Sofia's going to accept his request?

My story::

There was a small family consisting of father and mother and child. One day they called their neighbors to attend a concert in their home and accepted the call during the celebration the parents see their child alone and didn’t speak with other  children, and when the child was three years and entry into the school, his teacher noticed that this child is not the nature of his actions. At the end of school the teacher went to the parents of the child and told them what he saw of their child and advised them to take him to the doctor and diagnose his condition and take it more seriously. When they went to the doctor, they know that their child suffers from  autism and he told to them, that the system of their lives will exchange and to treat him in a special way and that there some of the things it needs and requirements that affect their child :::

My short story

Everyone wish to have a friend they can share with them and communicate with, but in my life such things did not happen. My name is Mary and this my story.
I was the first child. My parents were very happy. They did every things parents would do for their children .My parents noticed strange things and they knew that I am autistic . When I was 9 years old I did not like to interact with other kids and play with them. When some children take something from me I screamed. These actions influenced me negatively in my life. I had no friends and I could not contact with others people. I began to interpret that autistic have special needs to deal with it. My parents reinforced me in my life. They encouraged me in everything l like to do. I was trying to progress myself to be nature of my life. The school where l study, they tried to make one group member of I talks with others to communicate. This provided us some positive things. Moreover autism causes a nightmare for most parents, but they are gave us more than we want and we received more love in our life.

My story :D

Late at night while Mary was sleeping she dreamed that she married to a deaf man , and he couldn’t speak so she was communicate with him with sign language. Later Mary had a beautiful son from this man they named him “Jim”. Mary notice that Jim didn’t like to play with others or to express with them ,and he liked to be alone , also he didn’t give kisses and hugs like a normal child. So Mary went to the doctor to diagnose her son “Jim”. Then she realized that “Jim” suffered from autism. Mary and her husband were very sad because they wanted a healthy child like every parents in the world. So they accepted the truth of their son. Suddenly Mary wake up from this nightmare and she was very happy that it’s just a dream.

Bees when drink alcohol

This video show when bees drink alcohol what the other bees do .

underground palace built by ants

Hilll girls :)
This video is a mazing is a bout kingdoom of ants.
A goup of scientist do experience to watch the from of the kingdoom of ants.

l hope to enjoy with this video :)

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Johan Lorbeer hanging in mid air: Super Human Powers: Video

Oh Mr Johan Lorbeer you must be some super human with super human powers, looking at these pictures are mind blowing and yes bloody weird but brilliant. These still life Performance acts are hot and this one is called “Tarzan”, where the hell they got this name from is beyond me because I have never seen Tarzan do this.

....It's weird :0

My Story =)

She was running and running to nowhere in the darkness, she saw her husband going very far away from her and she couldn't go after him, she saw men around her and her children are crying, suddenly she wake up screaming and she said:” Oh my God it was nightmare”. She went out to check her children. After checking on her children she went back to her room with a bad feeling in her heart. It was early morning and the sun was just starting to rise in the east, when a young woman called Maryam know about her husband who die in a fishing trip. She was shocked and she started screaming and crying . She didn’t believe the men when they told her how he died. She went home thinking about what will happen in her life how it gone be after her husband Salem, how she will raise six children by herself and also one of her kids have “Autism”. She felt very bad when her children ask about their father. That night they went to bury Salem and pray. It was not till one week after that Maryam knew what she had to do. She had to most importantly care for her children and that’s when sadness turned to strength, she knew she had to earn some money to take care of her six children and provide their needs, so she went out to look for work.

She had always gone to the same tailor to get her and the children’s clothes and she hoped to find work there. She could sew and repair all her own clothes and knew that this work was something she could do. At first she felt very shy about asking for work, but then thought that the children needed clothes and shoes. She pulled up her head and asked for work.

After a few weeks of work, Maryam became a very good tailor, soon all the people in the village knew her work, her clothes were becoming famous, she couldn’t express her nice feelings about her successful because she had made a bid progress in her life. And after some time people were coming to ask her to make special clothes for their weddings and other events, and also sometimes she receive orders from out Abu Dhabi . She was happy too because her children were growing up too, and also now she could communicate with her sick child by sign language. They had to help with all the work that needed to be done at home. The girls had to help with cooking and cleaning, and some time they exchange with each other. They brought water every day and helped their mother with sewing and making of clothes. After some time three more of Maryams girls were working in the tailor shop and this is when Maryam decided to take the biggest risk of her life. She went to see some people who loaned her some money, and she quit working for the tailor and started her own shop with her daughters.

One day a woman wanted to order many clothes for some one very special, Maryam accept. It was not until sometime that evening that Maryam heard that one of the girls from her village was travelling to marry a very rich man who and that his sister had been to her shop to buy some clothes. Her daughter and her finished the clothes on time and when the woman returned to pay for them she gave Maryam a very good price for her work.

This was a Maryam’s first step at being independent. She was able to pay back all the money she had borrowed and could now save a little money for herself and her family. She continued to work at the shop until her death 35 years later, and you can find that same shop now run by her daughter with 8 more shops like it in several other emirates such as Maryam Shop, The Girls Shop and the Red Island Shop. Maryam was one of the UAE’s first real independent women.

Hope you like it =)

Proteus Syndrome, The Elephant Man,

The boy with frozen bones

I know this is an illness and yes I have put it under the weird category, the reason for this is because the human body takes so much shit when you think about it, so many illnesses, so many diseases, I mean come on where do these weird illnesses come from. Proteus syndrome is a congenital disorder that causes skin overgrowth and atypical bone development, often accompanied by tumours over half the body. Since Dr. Michael Cohen identified it in 1979, [1] only a few more than 200 cases have been confirmed worldwide, with estimates that about 120 people are currently alive with the condition.[2] There may be many more than this, but those individuals correctly diagnosed usually have the most obvious manifestations of Proteus syndrome, leaving them severely disfigured. Proteus syndrome is named after the Greek sea-god Proteus, who could change his shape.

There was a program about the boy with frozen bones which shows nine year-old Jordan who is full of hope and vitality. But Jordan’s body is not ordinary. He was born with a rare genetic condition called Proteus Syndrome, the same condition that afflicted John Merrick, The Elephant Man.

N!ce V!deo

Hi girls, here is a video that I liked it=)

Hope you like it

My short story . . ^^

Where There Is A Will There Is A Way ..

All parents dream that they should have a normal and healthy child. But in this case, my parents were in for a shock. I was diagnosed of having autism and they just couldn’t believe this. It was difficult for them to accept this fact. I began to develop negative feelings about myself and would often scream when I was scared. Life itself was a nightmare for me. My parents took me to a Special Center for Autism. They provided us with a lot of information on how to deal with the problem. I got to interact with different people there and the doctors had a great influence on me. I was soon able to express what I had in my mind and this progress helped me become a team member of a group. Though autism is a serious problem, we can overcome it if we have the will power!

I hope you like it . . It really took me a lot of time to come up with an idea . .