Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My wonderful story:)

Once upon a time, there was a man called John. He was living alone. At the age of twenty four his family told him that he should married from one of his member in his family. Unfortunately, his family is so poor. However, he had a lovely story with one of his girlfriends her name is Jasika. He met her where they asked for an employment. They had a promise that they will get married after almost eight months. But his family didn't accept the idea either their emotions. Furthermore, he heard from his friends that marrying from the same family often be unpleasant. Sometimes it had an influences on the children later.It means that sometimes when the child born he could have several diseases. Moreover, he kept thinking during his wedding preparing days. One night, when he went to sleep, he had a nightmare. He saw that he has two kids, one boy and one girl. The boy is deaf,while the girl has autism. He wake up screaming and crying until he realized that it was a nightmare. He thanked god that it was not real. 4Th of November 2002, was their wedding ceremony. After two years they had their first baby. when he was five years old, they notice that their child has a high deficit of vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin B. Therefore, they took him to a specialist doctor to diagnose his condition. He told him that's why the child is suffering from interpretation. As a result, his brain has effected, so he doesn't interact as good as the other children. First, the parents didn't believe the doctor. As a consequence, they asked for blood test. Due to, they recognized that their child's condition was coming worse and worse. So, the doctor gave them two options if they want to take him to have a treatment abroad or to start to have a treatment in their rural village. They chose to treat him in their country because they can't acquire the specific amount of money to get their child treatment, even if they had a debt. The doctor advised them to start to have the treatment immediately. So, they agreed. After five months, the child's condition has improved and he has started to interact normally with his parents. 


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