Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My story :D

Late at night while Mary was sleeping she dreamed that she married to a deaf man , and he couldn’t speak so she was communicate with him with sign language. Later Mary had a beautiful son from this man they named him “Jim”. Mary notice that Jim didn’t like to play with others or to express with them ,and he liked to be alone , also he didn’t give kisses and hugs like a normal child. So Mary went to the doctor to diagnose her son “Jim”. Then she realized that “Jim” suffered from autism. Mary and her husband were very sad because they wanted a healthy child like every parents in the world. So they accepted the truth of their son. Suddenly Mary wake up from this nightmare and she was very happy that it’s just a dream.


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  2. nice story heba , i just hope that this dream never come true to anyone in this world inshallah . But if it happened that i wish for the parents to be strong and have faith in their child .