Monday, November 14, 2011

hi girls ... It's me Amoooni <3

I'm cool girl and I like to laugh and have fun with my friend .. (( Abraar + Alia )) >> what do you think ^^'
mmm .. Nice to be with all of you girls and I wish to be your little sister as Abrar said ^^
yeah before I say good bye .. I just want you do an actions in our class .. to post them here and all of as comment on them hhhhh =))
bye ^^


  1. hi amoon ,

    yes you are cool girl :p

    i hope that we become good friends.

  2. ;P .. thanks Maitho0o for your writing .. and I hope too 7yati ..

  3. hello Amoon , i like you dear you are sweet , and you are like my little sister from now on ^_^