Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My short story

Everyone wish to have a friend they can share with them and communicate with, but in my life such things did not happen. My name is Mary and this my story.
I was the first child. My parents were very happy. They did every things parents would do for their children .My parents noticed strange things and they knew that I am autistic . When I was 9 years old I did not like to interact with other kids and play with them. When some children take something from me I screamed. These actions influenced me negatively in my life. I had no friends and I could not contact with others people. I began to interpret that autistic have special needs to deal with it. My parents reinforced me in my life. They encouraged me in everything l like to do. I was trying to progress myself to be nature of my life. The school where l study, they tried to make one group member of I talks with others to communicate. This provided us some positive things. Moreover autism causes a nightmare for most parents, but they are gave us more than we want and we received more love in our life.


  1. it is a nice story ghada thank you ^_^, and i loved this sentence "but in my life such things did not happen".

  2. Thanks afeya im happy to read my story :)