Monday, November 21, 2011

My short story *.*

My sister Mariam has a son. His name is Fahd. He is four years old. Day after day, she notices that he wasn’t walk properly, he wasn’t able to express this feeling or say a perfect sentence without any mistake. Sometimes my sister feels that he is deaf because when she tries to speak to him he wasn’t be attention carefully . My sister takes her son Fahd to the doctor to diagnose him.” Is he started to scream all the night” Doctor said. “Yes he is” Mariam answered the doctor . After finishing the diagnosis. I started to understand what my son suffering form. I was shocked and my heart was broking down. Fahd was suffering from the autism. Suddenly, I wake up from a terrify dream, really it was bad nightmare. =) the end

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  1. O.M.G a was very shocked and at the last it's a dream @@

  2. what a bad nightmare cutie O_O.

  3. hhhhhhhhhh =) thanks 3fari for reading my story <3

  4. Afeya =S I wasn't have any other choices to write about ^^ It's just an idea and I make it as story =)) thanks dear for your comment ..

  5. Lol thanks god it was just a dream.
    loved the story .
    keep it up.

  6. =S Miss you Maithooo the class today was so quait without u =P ..

    thankds for being here.. <3

  7. nice sad story :)
    keep up the great work my friend ..