Sunday, November 20, 2011

The mighty wizard !

Yesterday I woke up from this nightmare that I could not stand , I felt that something bad was going to happen , but in the end it was just …

It was almost black and I could not see anything , slowly slowly things started to seem clear . I was laying down in a mysterious place , but no .. I was in the library the shelves were very high , outnumbered and it was like a maze that I could not find my way out .

I was searching for an exit , but I could not find it , it was just like I was walking in the same place when finally I heard a voice I thought I recognized the voice but i was wrong , for there is no way that I know a person with such a scary , loud and cold voice . From the voice you can observe the nature of this speaker , even though his voice seems to be bad but his personality is not . He looked like an interactive man who influences his college . The speaker was expressing about his opinion , and it was about the progress that his mates were making recently .

The speaker ( speaking in general ) : I am pleased with your work so far and I would like to see more .

One of the member of a small group : but we cannot go any far , you know that we need the book of spells .

The speaker : do not worry my loyal mates the provision of this important book will take place today . And you all need to read it interpretively , to be able to use it wisely . Also , be smart and don’t exchange your books with each other because every person have his own book , that contains his special powers .

It’s when I was shocked , special powers ? I was thinking , what does this guy mean by that ? .

The speaker : laugh my friends laugh , we will soon be able to control the whole universe . HAHAHA !

Every one ( laughing ).

It’s when I woke up and I found out that it was my little brother playing with his annoying friends the game of the mighty wizard O_O .