Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A story written by me ,.

Once upon a time in Florence, there was a king who was controlling the whole town, he was
managing the trade exchange with others, and also he was leading the develop of the town.
The king have a beautiful daughter called Sofia. She was verse in the beauty, her face was a mixture of an indian shiny eyes and old italian beauty round face, she was really a beauty sign.
Sofia was a dream of most of europe princes, but she was always rejecting who want to marry her until rumors start in europe thats say that Sofia is infected with autism. In the castle there was a tamer called Giovanni who was member of people who serve the castle. Giovanni was a regular guy as any citizen in the town specialist in singing and eye contact, he can tell anyone what he want without he speak, because he was taciturn, most of the town thought that he's deaf but few of them knew that he isn't because they hear him when he stay alone in the livery while he's singing and they hear him surreptitiously. Giovanni was fond of Sofia, and he wish that he marry her, but he believe that his dream not and will not happen. Many people of soceity are suffering from this idea thats remain until now, a tamer in the castle can't marry the princess. One day Sofia was in a short trip with her friends in the forest near the river, the place was full of guards and that is nature of kings family when they go out. Giovanni was with them because he the only one who can control the carriage horses. Sofia was with her friends all the time and Giovanni was somewhere far from them taking care of horses. Suddenly he heard Sofia screaming, he noticed that she's in serious dangerous and she needs help. He rush to the sound direction and he saw a wild wolf with sharp claws and teeth. He figure that Sofia's friends plan was to kill her because they ran away from her and start laughing. Giovanni entered unfair battle with the wolf until he killed the wolf. He took Sofia back to the castle with a fully blood clothes from the battle. Sofia told her father the story and the king called Giovanni to award him. The king asks Giovanni what do you want as a reward. He start thinking to say that he want to marry Sofia, but he was afraid from changing his dream to a nightmare when the king reject his request.

I would like to leave the end of the story for you girls ^^
Do you think that Sofia's going to accept his request?

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  1. OH MY GOD !! shamma i loved your story , of course she should marry him , i think that giovanni is cute ^_^ .