Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Surprise ! ! ! You are Going To Disneyland !

Hi Girls ,

I was watching some videos in youtube and I saw a funny video made me laugh.

It's about a little girl her parents surprised her with ticket to Disneyland but her reaction was funny.

Check here

I want the same present for my birthday. T_T
I hope you guys like it.


  1. maitha that is so nice and cute video , i cried when i saw it , and i am still crying while i am writing this comment .^_^

  2. Hhhh don't cry i'll take with me if i go.

    thanks afeya for your comment.

  3. O,o

    I wish if someone will take me to the same place oneday ^^

    thanks 8zOom :*

  4. wo0ow '
    she is a sweet girl and i like her reaction =)..
    its such a nice place and i hope go there ..
    thanks maitha ^^..

  5. Hhhhhhh nice girl. she is cute.

    Thanks 0__0

  6. thank you for the video maitha ^_^