Sunday, November 27, 2011

The kid

Tom is 8 years old, his grades is the worst in the class. The school invited his parents and told them that their child has a problem and he has to leave  the school. His father screamed at Tom because of what happened. After that, the family accepted that he isn’t like others. They changed the school to a boarding school. There was a teacher there, he is specialist . He noticed that Tom doesn’t speak to anyone. Tom was sad and no body understood him and this feeling influenced him badly. In the beginning his family was communicating  with him  but with days goes by the  communicating  was being deficit .  The teacher talked with his parents, he toke the situation seriously .he sow a book belongs to Tom . It has a beautiful drawing . He decided that he is going to do a competition between the children in school. After a few days, he provided everyone paper and color. The teacher will reinforce the winner .the winner was Tom ,The teacher was the reason why Tom was developed and the talent of the child. He helped  him to pass everything, because he believed that child is a talented.   


  1. Hi Awatif, good story. There were two small errors with the vocabulary: deficit should be the adjective form, 'deficient'. Also, 'reinforce' is incorrect here. Otherwise, good job.

  2. Also, tag your name on every post.