Saturday, November 19, 2011

one of my favorite sea animals

it is whales , i love them so much they are so cute i love their voice even though i feel scared when i see them in video , what a crazy love :P . please watch this relaxing video .

ALSO , watch this photos :D :


  1. My favourite animal is the cat ^^
    But do you remember the old cartoon which is ( Pearl of the ocean ).. It was showing in space toon =) really it was nice one ^^

    Thanks Afya for your post ..

  2. I think Dolphins are cute they are so beautiful.

    Thanks afeya for shearing that's really cool of you.

    Hope to see more of your lovely posts.

  3. yes i remember it amoon ^_^ , i love the cats too. As for you maitha , i gree with you , because the dolphins have cute voice , it makes them cute ^_^.