Saturday, November 26, 2011

Alya "story "

Khaled and sign language

There were a couple Reem and Khalifa, have been married for one year and Reem pregnant, they were happy and waiting for the birth of the child, after several months, gave birth a child Khaled was beautiful and quite. With passage of days, they felt that Khaled variable and does not speak, they went to a specialist for children to know is suffering from what Khaled. The doctor told them that Khaled special needs, they was sad because their first child, and the doctor told them they should learn sign language and be serious because Khaled will not able to speak verbally, and there was a particular system to talk with sign language. After a long period of use they has become easily with Khaled and his parent. When Khaled became bigger he be an important person. Khaled’s parents were happy and proud of him and his accomplishments achieved by living in better life.

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