Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Writing Assignment 3

" The trip " 

There are a family lived  in a small town , they have  three children two brothers and one sister. The two brothers Ahmed and Suhail are very noisy and movement, but her sister Reem was very quiet. One day the parent said to their children we will go to a trip, the children was happy. In the morning they go to the trip to a wonderful park, they are very exacting and enjoying their time. The parents was sitting with her daughter Reem, but the two brothers was playing in the park. Suddenly, Ahmed and Suhail disappeared, but the parent didn’t worry because they always do that thing and come back. In the same time , the two brothers was afraid because they forget where their family are. They saw a big railroad train they  thinking  to move over this thing. Ahmed was happy but Suhail was afraid, and told Ahmed do not go there. Ahmed doesn’t listen to Suhail and he go there, suddenly the railway moved,  Ahmed crying and suhail was shouted. Her parent listen to their voice and move quickly to them and his father pull Ahmed very fast. Then Ahmed returned to them safely, but her parent shouted to them do not do it next time.

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