Monday, January 2, 2012

Sacrifice on a Railway (3rd writing assignment)

Sacrifice on a Railway

Once upon a time, there was a man who called Shawn, he live in a village and everybody around him look at him as a stupid person that can't add anything useful to life. Some people in the village says that Shawn is living for nothing and he is just wasting oxygen from air for nothing, they all hated him even his family. Shawn was too lazy and host on his society, he don't have target in his life. Shawn was bad in everything in life, but he was in love with a girl from his village, he know that it is impossible to marry her because the whole village hate him and they wake up every monrning and hope to hear that he is dead or leave the village. He decided to do something that make the whole village remember him after it. There was an old train in the village that people use to reach to the town to buy what they need from clothes and farming tools. One day a big fire attacked most of the farms that people were taking there daily food from it. The whole village decided to travel that day to the town to buy food and new tools. They all leave the village and Shawn stays alone, he start walking around the burned farms and decide to plant these farms before people come, so he can surprise them and they will like him. Shawn start working quickly and suddenly he heard the sound of the train is coming. He feeled upset because he noticed that people were true about saying that he's living for nothing. The train sound become higher and higher and Shawn looked at the railway and saw that it broken and the whole village people may die. Shawn start thinking how to help people in the train, he ran to the railway and tried to fix it, he saw people screaming in the train, at this time he decided to sacrifice and lay on the railway and make the train past over him and help people. Shawn dead and village people lived, they cried over each minute that they lived with him without loving him because they noticed that after all that they do to him, he still like his village people.

" Even if you live for nothing, Die for a thing "

Hope you like it, I know it's looking like an indian movie ^^


  1. =S haraaam !!! But I liked this sentence " Even if you live for nothing, Die for a thing " <3

  2. Nice story shamma, and I liked this sentence Even if you live for nothing, Die for a thing it gave a nice sense on your story =)

  3. oooooooh T_T , i loved it shamma , what a touching story.And i agree with the girls the sentence in strong and gave obvious sense .thank you :).