Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Writing assignment 2

Mfavorite story  book ~> Twilight 

Twilight Official Soundtrack to be released on 24th November

Each person in this life has a favorite thing to do or listen or even watch .  To me , my favorite thing is to watch Twilight Series Movies. At the first I read a book about their story and then I started watching the movie. The Twilight talks about the vampires and the Wolfs, vampire boy who fell in love with human girl and there was this werewolves tribe who made a  truce with the vampire family with some conditions. Two years ago was the first meeting when I saw the trailer on mbc max, I felt that the movie will be amazing, attractive and different than the other movies, and when I saw it, I was at the top of  merger, first I thought it’s impossible for Bella to marry Award the vampire boy, but buy the time we I discovered that she couldn’t live without him, so she get married and live with him but after marring many problems begin to happen, at the last part Bella dies while she is delivering a baby, but that’s not the end she won’t die, she will be a vampire, and we will discover what will happen at the end in the last part.


  1. I like this movie

    I sow it 4 times and I never bored.

  2. Nice ^^ .. yeah me too , I liked to watch Twilight =P

    My favorite character is Bella Swan ^^ I like her.. She is cute =D

  3. Ya it's really nice movie =)

    Thanks Awatef and Amoon for your comment =)

  4. i love it too afra :D, i want to see the last part but i dont know :P.thank you for sharing dear :D .