Sunday, January 8, 2012

my favorite artist..

I will write about my favorite representative her name is Angelina Jolie , she is an American actor and director she was born in June 4 , 1975 . Her father was famous representative and her mother was representative and Supermodels . She started acting when she was seven years old and the first movie for her was with her father . She married twice, first time in 1996 and the representative of the British but they got divorced The second time the representative of the American in 1999 and also got divorced , but now her husband is Bred Pitt and she met him when they do her movie “ Mr . and Mrs . Smith” . Accompanied by live actor, "Brad Pitt" of 2005, which gave birth to 3 children, girl and twins And adopted 3 children Born from Cambodia - girl from Ethiopia - Born from Vietnam . the most movies I like are “Mr . and Mrs . Smith” , “Tomb Raider” .


  1. interesting :D ,nice choice noopo ^_^.

  2. I really like this actress, I saw all her movies

    Nice choice Nopa =p