Wednesday, December 7, 2011

why do the women opens her mouth while drawing her eye??!

If you didn't notes yet, you can observe and see that women opens their mouth while they draw their eye.,

. Of course not because they will draw on their teeth .

?You may say that it is a reaction, but for what

If we look at a child who is drawing a pitcher ,tying his shoes or writing some new words we would see that his tongue is out. The Psychologists says that this movement Reaction to the concentration in children.

So we wonder why do women open the mouth instead putting their tongue out? And why they don’t open ?while they do other complex process such as putting the earing in the small hole in their ears

The reason is:

Our eyes blink thousands of time in the day, and when the women wants to draw her eye she should stop the blinking of her eye, so she opens her mouth as a reaction to stop the blinking. Also when we open our mouth it help to pull the muscles including the one that controls eyelid so that will stop the blinking.


  1. Woooooh sweet O_O , i didnt know that :D .

  2. hhhhhhhh funny topic to read.. I read a joke before about this topic .. the men were laughing on us ><' .. but yeah as It's new information for us .. as Afeya said.

  3. It is nice information to know
    I like it
    thanks Afra :)

  4. Hhh

    THNX ... am always think ; just why we did it :p
    & just know I knew the reason :p

    Thnak you Afra