Tuesday, December 6, 2011

know your personality from your favorite fruit :D


Your favourite fruit reveals your nature and personality. You can know your likes, dislikes, your inner and outer self on the basis of the fruit you love to eat. Fruit astrology comes to your help here. Learn what your fruit horoscope has to say. Remember, fruit astrology is just not about discovering your disposition, temperament and personality; it can really help you take right decisions that can change your life for the better. Of the apple, banana, black grapes, cherry, coconut, custard apple, mango, orange, papaya, pear, peach and pineapple fruits, choose the one you like most.

If Apple is your favourite fruit:

You are extravagant, impulsive and outspoken.
You take decisions quickly in situations of emergency or crisis.
You love to travel and visit different parts of your country and the world.
You a good leader and organizer.
You may sometimes be quick-tempered.
You exercise a lot of influence on you partner in your love life. You win the love of the opposite sex due to your attraction.

If Banana is your favourite fruit:

You are very soft at heart, loving, gentle, warm and sympathetic to almost everybody, which may make you vulnerable.
You are timid and lack self confidence yet you emerge as winner in most situations.
You easily establish a harmonious and long-lasting relationship with your partner.

If Black Grapes is your favourite fruit:

You are warm, polite, enthusiastic with a zest for life.
You are sociable and fond of company.
You have aesthetic sense and enjoy nature and beauty in all their forms.
You can be very angry at times but your anger subsides quickly.

If Cherry is your favourite fruit:

You are kind, imaginative, creative, loyal, sincere and homely.
You may have to face several ups and downs in your life.
You have a fertile imagination and often get involved in various creative activities.
In matters of love and affection, you are loyal and sincere but not very communicative.

If Coconut is your favourite fruit:

You are thoughtful, cautious, contemplative, shrewd, sociable, witty and sometimes obstinate.
You are passionate in love but want intelligent partner.

If Custard Apple is your favourite fruit:

You are modest, sensitive, thoughtful, a bit emotional, conservative in values and approach but ambitious.
You may be fault-finding.
You are shy in matters of love. You like intelligent partner. Looks take a back seat.

If Mango is your favourite fruit:

You have strong likes and dislikes.
You cannot be easily influenced.
You like to be a leader rather than a follower.
You have a strong will power with reasoning ability.
You like challenges in life.
In matters of love, you are yielding, accommodating and helpful.

If Orange is your favourite fruit:

You will be admired for your patience and will power.
You are shy, reliable, hard worker with an aesthetic bent of mind.
You can be a work-horse.
You are slow but thorough and result-oriented.
In matters of love, you are devoted and avoid conflicts.

If Papaya is your favourite fruit:

You are generous, cultured with refined tastes.
You are fearless and like to face all situations bravely.
You are focussed in your professional life and achieve a lot.
You have a good sense of humor.
You are fond of traveling, meeting new people whenever you can.
In matters of love, you are liked for your good nature and sweet sense of humour.

If Peach is your favourite fruit:

You are frank, friendly, independent, ambitious, forgiving and outspoken.
You like to enjoy life to the lees.
In matters of love, you are passionate, private but sincere.

If Pear is your favourite fruit:

You are zestful, quick-witted, but impatient and sometimes rash.
You are very sensitive, restless, and a bit fussy.
You like mental stimulation and debates.
In matters of love, you easily make friends but have difficulty in maintaining friendship.

If Pineapple is your favourite fruit:

You are brave, self-reliant, good organizer, honest in all matters.
You are mercurial and so quick to make career changes.
You make make friends after much care and forethought but sincere and loyal to the core to friends.
In matters of love, your honesty and sincerity wins the hearts of opposite sex. However, you sometimes lack the ability to express your emotions.


  1. Thank you afeya it's very nice poster :) and what i read it's true about my favourite fruit.