Sunday, December 18, 2011

Writing Assignment 2

My favorite singer...

Susan Magdalane Boyle was born 1 April in 1961. She from Blacburn ,wast Lothian in Scotland. She was the youngest of four brothers and six sisters. Susan lived a hard life when she was in school she faced learning difficulties the children called her “ Susie simple”. After leaving school with few qualification she was employed for the only time in her life as a trainee cook in the kitchen of west Lothian college for six months. Her father died in 1990s, and her siblings had left home. Susan never married, and she dedicated herself to care for her ageing mother until she died in 2007 at the age of 91. Susan took singing lessons from voice coach Fred, and she was singing at school also, in her local catholic church. Susan is humble and very kind. I love Susan because she tired in her life to achieve her dream also, I like her when she dedicated to care her mother. The first time l saw Susan in the popular show Britain’s Got Talent in 2009. First appeared in Britain's Got Talent , she said the she aspired to become a professional singer '' as successful as Elaine Paige ‘’Susan sang “ I Dreamed a Dream “from Les Miserable, but the audience laughed, they didn't believe it she was old age and his appearance was not good. When she started song they surprised and they stood and clapped to her strongly because she had a beautiful voice. Susan make me feel to be positive in my life and no matter how late wishes will come a day to my dream be real. Unfortunately there was not any experience with Susan, but l hope to meet her one day.

I hope to like it and this a video for Susan and enjoy :)

and this Susan Boyle website :)


  1. sweet interest :D , i really like the way you think ghadah ^_^.

  2. Thank you so much afeya to read my writing. :) im waiting your writing. :)