Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Flower Farms in Netherlands

Hope you like it


  1. waaaw nice field afari <3

    anyway, I don't like the flowers ><' for one reason.. They die after few days
    and once my teacher said that don't be as flower !!! we asked her why teacher ????
    then she said ," We know it pink and some of them looks nice but when you touch it will hurt you be her thorn
    So be careful ^_-

    (( Just my opinion ))

  2. Hi Amoon, ya i like and respect your opinion, but I love flowers ^^, =)

    thanks for your comment=)

  3. Nice . .
    I think I don't like flowers too.
    anyway thanks Afra .

  4. lt's amazing i love flowers and So wonderful colors i want to go there. Thans Afra

  5. the best thing i ever seen , i really wish if i were there :D .thank you afra :D

  6. Wonderful View

    I dont like flowers too because I have allergy from them