Wednesday, December 28, 2011

writing assignment 3 >> The Railway

The Railway

“In the train, there were only five people. An old man and he is blind, Young child and he is around ten years old, a happy couple and they look like they get married recently, and the last person was myself.” Said Mike.
“Thank god for saving your life”. Said Doctor. I found it’s difficult to move and talk. I looked around the room and suddenly I took a deep breath and said: “did the train come over on me !”. “ Mike tells as what happened there please”. Said by the police man.
“As I said, we were five people. I did not know what happened for the railway; one part was missing!!” Mike answered.
Everyone was afraid to die then the captain suggested on us to jump from the window. It was the worst idea for everyone because there were an old man who cannot jump and the young boy. After that, I thought that one person died better than everyone. Quickly, I jumped and completed the missing part.” That was every things I remembered” Said Mike.
Everyone in the room laughed!!
“No dear, you fall down and your legs broke” Said doctor.” You were shorter than the railway so you fall down. You should drink Big M milk to grow and build your bones. =pP
By the way, the train had stopped and everyone is fine. Thanks again for god to give you another chance to live.

It is Big M milk advertisement =.='


  1. Nice story Amna..

    You have the ability to write beautiful stories.

  2. hhhhhhhhhhh =pP .. thank you Ghada for encouraging me

    =D I'm waiting to read your story ^^

  3. hahaha :P , that is really a funny story , i loved it very much amoon :D .i was surprised of your ability :). mashallah :).

    thank you ^_^ .

  4. Ya AmoOn you have the ability to write a stories as Ghade said, you have a great imagination =)

  5. =D Afeya & Afra thank you so much .. really I'm so happy to read your comments ..

    ** you raise my morale .. thank you again =')