Thursday, December 22, 2011

Study4UAE assignment 2

Hi everyone

After thinking of my favorite topic, I decide to talk about my favorite web site. Its Study 4 UAE. Study 4 UAE is an educational web site, especially for students whose need a help in a home works, projects, reports and answers. I was an observer in this web site.

Why do you love it?
There I meet many teachers and students, it was my second house. There I prefer to use such as these words, my big sister and my brother. Really they were my family. As you can see, I used the past tense because I went away and I don’t know anything about my friends there. I retired!!!

How did you discover it?
Before four years ago, I was searching for the answer’s book. I wrote it in Google search, then I found this educational web site.

How does it make you feel?
It makes me feel good and happy. I was working in the administration, so I feel responsible for everything I do it. In the beginning, I was afraid to change the comments or even the member’s topics. It is not easy to expel the members or to communicate with them. Here, I have to be patient and polite in the same time.

Did you have a special experience with it?
Yes I have a special experience with Study 4 UAE. Actually, I was close with all the administration members. I was Observer for two years.

Finally, Study4UAE gave me a chance to be a responsible person. I helped many students and I’m happy for that. I feel happy when the members comment on my topics or when they send a request to be one of my friends.


  1. Thanks Ghada for reading my assignment <3

  2. A use always take some reports from it, it's very helpful for the students

    Nice subject AmoOn =), I liked it.