Monday, December 12, 2011

funny Japanese ghost prank XD

watch this :P ,enjoy :

hope you like it :P.


  1. ><' .. So scarey topic..
    I don't know who tell me that '' The Grudge'' is a real story .. I'm not believe it but really it's a scary movie:s

    yeah as you say .. the third one is the most scary one =.='

  2. OMG I don't like these things alot, I speak about it but I really hate to see it

    thanks Afeya

  3. no problem :P thank you amoon and afra ^_^ .

  4. OKAY..

    I just whish if the sound is work with me :(

    But at all
    Thank you Afeya for your posts
    I love it..

  5. sorry to hear that about your sounds :(,hope it get better , it will be much more fun if it was with sound though , but still, thank you ^_^.